Tuesday 14 February 2023

Waning Snow Moon; Year of the Water Rabbit.⚕️ Heart Release ⚕️ Deep unconscious processing occasionally bubbling up as conscious interpretation following our first intensive weekend on dreams this year. I had been promised by a friend in the year above that this way of working has the interpretative power of 6 months of regular therapy (!), but I am still blown away by the depth and fluidity of this strand of the practice.

Forming a container in this new context with my regular supervision group, we set to work facilitating an ‘association’ of dream images for each other over the course of 2 days – bringing our choice of fresh, old and recurrent dreams to the crucible.

It is incredible to witness and experience the dense landscape of meaning, memory and emotion that clings to each visual or conceptual figure in that unconscious realm. Better yet, to begin seeing my own visions through the lens of my personal symbolic architecture. We are taught that the realm of the imagination is a halfway house between the ego and Spirit. Following this last weekend, it’s as if I were finally decoding an encrypted master key to the backend of my soul.


Friday 23 December 2022

        Capricorn Dark Moon; Year of the Water Tiger. ❆ Intention Setting ❆ twelve months of psychotherapy training left in London as I approach the final year of my post-graduate diploma. Determined to offer low cost therapy to more clients in need and consolidate my energetic resources to best serve myself, my Self and my practice.

 But, what is integrative, transpersonal psychotherapy? 

Over the lifespan of this blog, I will attempt to answer the question with fragments of theory and human-centred hypotheticals, based on the past four years I’ve spent studying and gaining clinical experience in the field.

Bea Xu

Plastic Lattice
Nov 2021 - ∞

Speculative fiction becomes ontological design. A work that morphs and manifests with each iteration. 

August 2022 ⧞

Site-specific shadow suggestion in two parts. Toxic symbiosis as contaminated blood. 

Bloodsport < The Island
July 2021 - ⧜

Mixed reality blood magic worlding in the form of an online LARP - based on lunarpunk fiction Hot Globules.

Sagittarius Dark Moon 2018 - ⧝ 

Ritual laboratory founded on radical anthropological principals. It’s rule by the moon or barbarism, friends.