I am a fully qualified integrative, transpersonal psychotherapist & UKCP pre-registrant member offering open-ended psychotherapy on Zoom.

The service I offer is queer-, kink-, ENM-friendly and culturally sensitive, having obtained my Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from London’s Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in 2024 following my Foundation certificate in 2019. With 650+ hours and 4+ years of clinical experience working in forensic mental health, drop-in, community-based ecotherapy and BIPOC-focussed psychotherapy services, my work is supported on a regular basis by a variety of UKCP-registered supervisors and clinicians, with prior mentorship from therapists at Pink Therapy.

I am presently available to work with clients on Zoom. I offer a 15 min free phone consultation, followed by an initial £70 assessment lasting 1 hour 30 minutes if we choose to proceed. Following that, our regular rate per session is negotiated on a sliding scale of £50/£65/£80 depending on your financial situation. My primary working language is English, but this may be supplemented with Mandarin Chinese by request. 我的主要语言是英语,但我会说流利的普通话口语。

A Chinese-British practicing artist and writer, I studied English at Oxford University, worked in ‘new media’ video production, then climate communications and campaigning - with various spells of uncertainty and unemployment - before embarking on my psychotherapy training.

As someone who experienced a profound alignment to my artistic path and community in recent years after what felt like a lifetime of painful trial and error, I am particularly invested in helping individuals who wish to self-actualise any frustrated creative potential or uncover a calling.

The transpersonal aspect of psychotherapy deals with a spiritual dimension of the human experience (not necessarily one that is religious) and in this capacity I hope to assist with people undergoing spiritual emergency. I faced dark nights of the soul as a young adult and my intersecting identities make it easier to understand clients dealing with issues within a marginalised cultural context.

From online culture to counterculture, identity crisis to mood disorder, capitalist realism to extinction anxiety: it is an extremely edgy time to be alive on this planet, and my therapeutic approach does not shy away from this reality.

Have a read of my blog if you’d like to find out more about my approach, and my main website to explore the rest of my practice.

Please get in touch via email to arrange an initial consultation.  


Please note: beaxutherapy@gmail.com has been temporarily disabled - please only contact me via the above form or my  Psychology Today profile. 

relevant employment & volunteer history

࿔ 2022–2024: Chaplaincy Volunteer, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
࿔ 2024–Present: Psychotherapist, CCPE Clinic
࿔ 2022–2024: Low-Cost Psychotherapist, CCPE Clinic
࿔ 2022–2024: Trainee Psychotherapist, FreshStart
࿔ 2021: Trainee Psychotherapist, The Caravan
࿔ 2020–2022: Low-Cost Counsellor, Frontline Therapist
࿔ 2019–2020: Buddy, Forest Farm Peace Garden
࿔ 2018–2020: Mental Health Support Worker, Shine Partnerships

education, mentorship & memberships

࿔ UKCP Trainee Membership, 2022-present
࿔ CPD, Online Events: Introduction to Liberation Psychologies for Social Justice with Sylwia Korsak (Online), 2023
࿔ Pink Therapy GSRD mentorship scheme with Chris Grant, 2022–2023
࿔ Pink Therapy GSRD mentorship scheme with Martin Fisher, 2021
࿔ CPD, Online Events:  Celebrating Activism: Psychotherapists & Counsellors for Social Responsibility (Online), 2021
࿔ CPD, University of Brighton: Privilege and Otherness: Developing a Language for Practitioners with Dr. Dwight Turner (Online), 2021
࿔ CPD, BAATN: Heart Hub for Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity Gathering with Joel Simpson & Kirath Ghataora (Online), 2021
࿔ CPD, BAATN: The Challenge of Racism in Therapeutic Practice with Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga (Online), 2021
࿔ CPD, Online Events: A Matter of Death and Life with Irvin Yalom (Online), 2021
࿔ CPD, Online Events: Exploring our Client’s Race Stories with Creative Therapeutic Tools, Part 1 (Online), 2020
࿔ CPD, The Weekend University: A Day on Psychology & Technology (Online), 2020
࿔ Psychotherapy and Counselling Union Trainee Membership, 2020 – present
࿔ Black African and Asian Therapist Network (BAATN) Trainee Membership, 2020–present
࿔ CPD, Confer: Working with Repetition Compulsion: The re-enactment of unconscious childhood trauma with Dr David Celani, 2019
࿔ CPD, Confer: Eco-Psychotherapy: Therapy with the Earth in Mind with Mary-Jane Rust, 2019
࿔ CPD, Confer: Working with High Intensity States of Consciousness with Dr. Angela Cotter, Viv Fogel, Dr. Tim Read, Dr Malcolm Rushton and Laurie Slade, 2018
࿔ CCPE: Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, 2020-2024
࿔ CCPE: Foundations in Counselling and Psychotherapy Certificate, 2019
࿔ University of Oxford: BA English Language and Literature (2.1), 2011–2014