solo exhibitions

𖤐 2022: Plastic Lattice, Mehringplatz 20, Berlin

selected shows
࿔ 2023: The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 - The Vote & The Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park, Furtherfield Gallery, London [upcoming]
࿔ 2022: 'LARPing with the Land' for Lost Species Day 2022, Remembrance Day for Lost Species, O N C A (online)
࿔ 2022: Earthseed, NYCJW 2022, Steuben Gallery, NYC
࿔ 2022: 'BYOB: Visceral Symbol' for Lunarrr Playgroundz, Ugly Duck, London
࿔ 2022: The Waxing, Creamcake x 3hd, Zeiss-Großplanetarium, Berlin (performance for Omsk Social Club and Joey Holder)
࿔ 2022: _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(°ME°)- M(°U°)TUAL-HEAL-(IN)~_, Studio ALTA, Prague
࿔ 2022: _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(°ME°)- M(°U°)TUAL-HEAL-(IN)~_, Torhaus Wehlen Gallery & offsite, Stadt Wehlen
࿔ 2022: Forest Dreaming ritual by Sarah Shin; with MJ Harding; Emma Bang; Monica Janulevičiūtė; Tautvydas Urbelis for Rupert, Tech Arts Gallery, Vilnius
࿔ 2022: The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 - Interspecies Assemblies, Furtherfield Gallery, London & online
࿔ 2021: Lost Species Day 2021: Interdependence, Remembrance Day for Lost Species, O N C A (online)
࿔ 2021: Heavy Centre, Rupert, Podium, Oslo
࿔ 2021: Heavy Centre, Rupert, Tech Arts Gallery, Vilnius
࿔ 2021: The Treaty of Finsbury Park - Interspecies Assembly, IAM Weekend 21 (online)
࿔ 2021: No History of Its Own, Apiece Gallery, Vilnius (collaboration with Ittah Yodah)
2021: Bless'ed Curse, Solo Show (online exhibition)
࿔ 2021: Authority Incorporeal (14th Baltic Triennial): Closing Show, Tech Arts Gallery, Vilnius
࿔ 2021: 'Bloodsport > The Island' for UNFIX Festival, 2021 (online)
࿔ 2020: Rituals for the Anthropocene?, Lost Species Day 2020, Remembrance Day for Lost Species, O N C A (online)
࿔ 2020: Sensual Havoc, Broedplaats LELY, Amsterdam
࿔ 2020: Listening to the Universe: Night I, Datscha Radio Garden, Berlin
࿔ 2020: 'Personal Journeys and Collective Futures: A Ritual', Heal Her, Artlake Festival 2020 (online)
࿔ 2020: We Walk Among You: Womxn's Strike Exhibition, Hackney Old Baths, London
࿔ 2019: Near Future Fictions: Boundless Bodies, Ace Hotel, London
࿔ 2018: Writer's Stage, Rollright Fayre, Oxfordshire
࿔ 2018: Near Future Fictions: Tomorrow's Battles, The Library, London
࿔ 2018: Collaborative Future Fictions Symposium, O N C A, Brighton

awards, grants & residencies

࿔ 2023: Helsinki International Artists Programme: TRANS_OCEANIC LAND_BASED residency [upcoming]
࿔ 2022: OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN: _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(°ME°)- M(°U°)TUAL-HEAL-(IN)~_ residency, Torhaus Wehlen Gallery, Stadt Wehlen, Germany
࿔ 2022: Reboot the Roots grant for adult education facilitation for Ulex Project, Vidalia, Catalonia
࿔ 2021: Nordic Culture Point Mobility Grant for Heavy Centre group show in Oslo
࿔ 2021: Rupert Alternative Education Programme
࿔ 2020: UNLEASH+ accelerator & UNLEASH+ bootcamp selection for vojo
࿔ 2019: Climate-KIC grant for vojo
࿔ 2018: Reboot the Roots grant for Creative Tools for Social Change training course with Ulex, Lleida, Catalonia
࿔ 2018: Project grant, BOKU: CliMATES for vojo
࿔ 2018: CliMATES Creative Climate Communications retreat, St. Gilgen with Climate Outreach, BOKU, Climate Media Factory and O N C A
࿔ 2017: Communications award, UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme for 'Neighbourhood Swap'
࿔ 2017: UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme Fellowship
࿔ 2013: Arts grant, Keble Association for Keble Arts Festival

publications as author

࿔ 2022: ' A Manifesto' & 'A Story', Co-emerging Economies: Exploring Radical Perspectives on Post-Anthropocentric Economies, Baltan Laboratories, Lecturis, March 2022
࿔ 2021: ‘知己知彼: A Ritual Tookit […]’, Arts of the Working Class: Issue 19 – Anticristos, December 2021
࿔ 2021: ‘Second Skin’, Vital Signals: Virtual Futures Near-Future Fictions, NewCon Press, December 2021
࿔ 2020: House of Blood Magic (column), The Witches Box, September – December 2020
࿔ 2020: ‘Hot Globules’, A Beautiful Resistance: After Empire, Gods & Radicals Press, October 2020
࿔ 2019: Journey to the West, untitled photos, Migration: issue #5, daikon* zine, Summer 2019
࿔ 2017: ‘Black Friday 2017: All your crappy bargains are destroying the planet – do you really need them?’, The Independent, November 2017
࿔ 2017: ‘Shadow Sistxrs: How I’m Learning to Protect My Own Soul’, gal-dem, September 2017

Bea Xu (they/she/it) is a Chinese-British world-builder, ritualist and psychic worker based in London. Using collaborative play, speculative fiction and therapeutic intervention they design and means-test integral, post-capitalist cosmologies with live participants and fellow LARPers. Bea's work can be seen as a narrative engagement with archetypal shadow - often foregrounding blood magic, decolonized time and non-binary logic with an EcoGothic focus.

Informed by their practice at London's CCPE as a trainee, integrative, transpersonal psychotherapist, they are the creatrix of ritual laboratory LUNARCHY 2.0 and are one of the newest members of OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN collective.

She completed the 9th Alternative Education Programme at Rupert in Vilnius and has collaborated with Furtherfield Gallery (London), Omsk Social Club and Ittah Yodah - with work selected for O N C A (Brighton); Ugly Duck (London); Mehringplatz 20 (Berlin); Studio ALTA (Prague); Podium (Oslo); TechArts Gallery (Vilnius); Steuben Gallery (NYC); IAM Festival; UNFIX Festival; Solo Show; Virtual Futures; Arts of the Working Class; Baltan Labs; NewCon Press and Gods & Radicals Press.


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