solo exhibitions

𖤐 2022: Plastic Lattice, Mehringplatz 20, Berlin

selected shows

࿔ 2024: HYPA-FIX-D, Alt R | Gossamer Fog, London [upcoming]
࿔ 2024: Nina Davies presents Viddy Horror Show, TACO!, London
࿔ 2024: Inner Sanctum, gr1n, Colour Factory, London
࿔ 2024: Aerial.01, Aerial, SET Vault, London
࿔ 2024: Linked Out: Logged In, Alt R | Gossamer Fog, London 
࿔ 2024: Venus Ex Machina + Abi Asisa + Nathan Amadou, Cafe OTO, London (performative reading to ‘The Swamp’ by Venus Ex Machina with accompanyment by Abi Abisi)
࿔ 2024: The Last Off-site Show on the Earth at Plague Space and Everywhere, part 2, Plague Space, Krasnodar 
࿔ 2023: The Last Off-site Show on the Earth at Plague Space and Everywhere, part 1, Krasnodar (offsite) 
࿔ 2023: MONO-MYTH, k-fabe x Marie Leuder, The Old Church, London
࿔ 2023: MMAT Acquisition Prize Award Ceremony - Nina Davies Takeover, Shoreditch Arts Club, London
࿔ 2023: ‘EsƨƎ_Walkthrough’ premiere, Future Artefacts Episode 2: Bea Xu, The Couch, Het Hem (online)
࿔ 2023: Inner Circle Blood Ritual, gr1n, The Cause, London
࿔ 2023: I Thought of Going for a Walk (Part II), Mandy Zhang Art, London
࿔ 2023: Linieres Chronicles, Narthex Festival 2023, Val-du-Maine
࿔ 2023: Fluid Cosmologies II, FORMA, London 
࿔ 2023: ‘Kidneyᵛᵒʳᵗᵉˣ’ for LungA Festival 2023, Seyðisfjörður
࿔ 2023: Tender Raptures: let them guide you, LungA Festival 2023, Seyðisfjörður 
࿔ 2023: Xie3lla Selects: FOMO, System, Shanghai 
࿔ 2023: The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 - The Vote & The Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park, Furtherfield Gallery, London
࿔ 2023: *•.¸𝐹𝒶𝑒𝓇𝒾𝑒 𝑅𝒶𝓂𝓅𝒶𝑔𝑒¸.•* for Milan Art Week 2023, Love Bar, Milan
࿔ 2023: Potluck 1: London, Solo Show (online, offsite)
࿔ 2022: 'LARPing with the Land' for Lost Species Day 2022, Remembrance Day for Lost Species, O N C A (online)
࿔ 2022: Earthseed, NYCJW 2022, Steuben Gallery, NYC
࿔ 2022: 'BYOB: Visceral Symbol' for Lunarrr Playgroundz, Ugly Duck, London
࿔ 2022: The Waxing, Creamcake x 3hd, Zeiss-Großplanetarium, Berlin (performance for Omsk Social Club and Joey Holder)
࿔ 2022: _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(°ME°)- M(°U°)TUAL-HEAL-(IN)~_, Studio ALTA, Prague
࿔ 2022: _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(°ME°)- M(°U°)TUAL-HEAL-(IN)~_, Torhaus Wehlen Gallery & offsite, Stadt Wehlen
࿔ 2022: Forest Dreaming ritual by Sarah Shin; with MJ Harding; Emma Bang; Monica Janulevičiūtė; Tautvydas Urbelis for Rupert, Tech Arts Gallery, Vilnius
࿔ 2022: The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 - Interspecies Assemblies, Furtherfield Gallery, London & online
࿔ 2021: Lost Species Day 2021: Interdependence, Remembrance Day for Lost Species, O N C A (online)
࿔ 2021: Heavy Centre, Rupert, Podium, Oslo
࿔ 2021: Heavy Centre, Rupert, Tech Arts Gallery, Vilnius
࿔ 2021: The Treaty of Finsbury Park - Interspecies Assembly, IAM Weekend 21 (online)
࿔ 2021: No History of Its Own, Apiece Gallery, Vilnius (collaboration with Ittah Yodah)
2021: Bless'ed Curse, Solo Show (online exhibition)
࿔ 2021: Authority Incorporeal (14th Baltic Triennial): Closing Show, Tech Arts Gallery, Vilnius
࿔ 2021: 'Bloodsport > The Island' for UNFIX Festival, 2021 (online)
࿔ 2020: Rituals for the Anthropocene?, Lost Species Day 2020, Remembrance Day for Lost Species, O N C A (online)
࿔ 2020: Sensual Havoc, Broedplaats LELY, Amsterdam
࿔ 2020: Listening to the Universe: Night I, Datscha Radio Garden, Berlin
࿔ 2020: 'Personal Journeys and Collective Futures: A Ritual', Heal Her, Artlake Festival 2020 (online)
࿔ 2020: We Walk Among You: Womxn's Strike Exhibition, Hackney Old Baths, London
࿔ 2019: Near Future Fictions: Boundless Bodies, Ace Hotel, London
࿔ 2018: Writer's Stage, Rollright Fayre, Oxfordshire
࿔ 2018: Near Future Fictions: Tomorrow's Battles, The Library, London
࿔ 2018: Collaborative Future Fictions Symposium, O N C A, Brighton

awards, grants & residencies

࿔ 2024: au JUS ‘Plutonic Bonding’ residency with Nick Koppenhagen, Brussels [upcoming]
࿔ 2023-present: HQI Long-term studio residency, London
࿔ 2023: Projekt Atol x Šum Journal: Algo-Rhythmic Ideation Assembly, Llublijiana
࿔ 2023: Helsinki International Artists Programme: TRANS_OCEANIC LAND_BASED residency
࿔ 2022: OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN: _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(°ME°)- M(°U°)TUAL-HEAL-(IN)~_ residency, Torhaus Wehlen Gallery, Stadt Wehlen, Germany
࿔ 2022: Reboot the Roots grant for adult education facilitation for Ulex Project, Vidalia, Catalonia
࿔ 2021: Nordic Culture Point Mobility Grant for Heavy Centre group show in Oslo
࿔ 2021: Rupert Alternative Education Programme
࿔ 2020: UNLEASH+ accelerator & UNLEASH+ bootcamp selection for vojo
࿔ 2019: Climate-KIC grant for vojo
࿔ 2018: Reboot the Roots grant for Creative Tools for Social Change training course with Ulex, Lleida, Catalonia
࿔ 2018: Project grant, BOKU: CliMATES for vojo
࿔ 2018: CliMATES Creative Climate Communications retreat, St. Gilgen with Climate Outreach, BOKU, Climate Media Factory and O N C A
࿔ 2017: Communications award, UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme for 'Neighbourhood Swap'
࿔ 2017: UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme Fellowship
࿔ 2013: Arts grant, Keble Association for Keble Arts Festival

talks & publications as author

࿔ 2023: ‘Blind Torus’ lecture and experiential workshop for Guided Sessions, dreamXchange, 0ct0p0s (online)
࿔ 2023: ‘Shadow work & non-duality’, lecture for Seven launch, Reference Point Library, London
࿔ 2023: ‘EsƨƎ-1; Episode 2’, Future Artefacts FM x The Couch, Het Hem (online), October 2023
࿔ 2022: ' A Manifesto' & 'A Story', Co-emerging Economies: Exploring Radical Perspectives on Post-Anthropocentric Economies, Baltan Laboratories, Lecturis, March 2022
࿔ 2021: ‘知己知彼: A Ritual Tookit […]’, Arts of the Working Class: Issue 19 – Anticristos, December 2021
࿔ 2021: ‘Second Skin’, Vital Signals: Virtual Futures Near-Future Fictions, NewCon Press, December 2021
࿔ 2020: Rituals for the Anthropocene?, Lost Species Day 2020 talk and group ritual facilitation with Marisa Carnesky, Marcus Coates & Beckie Leach for Lost Species Day’s 10th anniversary, Remembrance Day for Lost Species, O N C A (online)
࿔ 2020: House of Blood Magic (column), The Witches Box, September – December 2020
࿔ 2020: ‘Hot Globules’, A Beautiful Resistance: After Empire, Gods & Radicals Press, October 2020
࿔ 2019: Journey to the West, untitled photos, Migration: issue #5, daikon* zine, Summer 2019
࿔ 2017: ‘Black Friday 2017: All your crappy bargains are destroying the planet – do you really need them?’, The Independent, November 2017
࿔ 2017: ‘Shadow Sistxrs: How I’m Learning to Protect My Own Soul’, gal-dem, September 2017


࿔ 2024: ‘Linked Out: Logged In’ review by Jamie Sutcliffe, Art Monthly, April 2024
࿔ 2023: ‘In Dialogue with the More-than-Human: Affective Prefiguration in Encounters with Others’ paper by Ann Light, Interactions Journal, August 2023
࿔ 2022: ‘Meet London’s next-gen witches’, feature by Alice Saville, Octover 2022
࿔ 2021: ‘Photo reportage from Rupert’s Alternative Education Programme’s final exhibition “Heavy Centre”’, editorial by Echo Gone Wrong, November 2021

Bea Xu (they/she/it) is a Chinese-British world-builder, ritualist and psychic worker based in London. Using collaborative play, speculative fiction and therapeutic intervention they design and means-test integral, post-capitalist cosmologies with live participants and fellow LARPers. Bea's work can be seen as a narrative engagement with archetypal shadow - often foregrounding blood magic, decolonized time and non-binary logic with an EcoGothic focus.

Informed by their practice as an, integrative, transpersonal psychotherapist, they are a long-term studio resident of HQI and a member of OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN collective.

She completed the 9th Alternative Education Programme at Rupert in Vilnius and has collaborated with Furtherfield Gallery (London), Omsk Social Club and Ittah Yodah - with work selected for O N C A (Brighton); Ugly Duck (London); Mehringplatz 20 (Berlin); Studio ALTA (Prague); Podium (Oslo); TechArts Gallery (Vilnius); Steuben Gallery (NYC); IAM Festival; UNFIX Festival; Solo Show; Virtual Futures; Arts of the Working Class; Baltan Labs; NewCon Press and Gods & Radicals Press.


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