Bloodsport < The Island

Bloodsport < The Island: Title Slide (2022)| 50 x 100 x 62cm wallpaper

Bloodsport < The Island is a virtual live-action roleplay (LARP) ritual devised for UNFIX Festival 2021 that facilitates the spontaneous co-creation of in-game consensus reality amongst adult participants, aided by a hybrid assortment of online collaboration platforms (Zoom, Miro, Cryptpad) and analogue tools (a compass, a patch of Earth).

Bloodsport < The Island: House of Blood (2021) | collaboration with Linas Gabrielaitis

Set at the ‘House of Blood’ on ‘The Island’; a world-building temple on a speculative, post-extractavist, sol︎lun-arpunk Earth (featured in my short climate fiction Hot Globules), the event initiates accomplices into the LARP as pubescent menstruators arriving for the first time at the celestial research facility. The mission is to journey deep into the mysteries of the moon, the body and the Earth to intuit pathways to shift the planet from a Type 1 (star-energy-dependent) to a Type 2 (galaxy-energy-dependent) civilisation.

Bloodsport < The Island: Signatures (2022) | 50 x 70cm chiffon print

What follows is a series of online drama games centred around rites of passage – inspired by forum theatre and translated into a visual, written and spoken format. The participants are introduced to a collection of roles (Hexagrammic archetypes in-context) from the collection of Energetic Signatures, which they will self-select for the ritual.

Participants are assigned into role-dependent breakout rooms to complete narrative-building before then returning to take part in a group ritual, facing in a cardinal direction depending on their geographical location - integrating their narrative pieces with breathing exercises, elemental magic and creative visualisation techniques. Each initiate arrives at a question to seek from the Earth by the end of ritual, informed by their role and experiences so far. They are taught a core shamanic exercise for seeking answers from nature and given time to go to their chosen physical Earth location to carry it out.

Returning back to the Zoom call, participants are shown how to refine their recorded messages from nature and combine all of their messages together into a group ‘incantation’, co-created in Cryptpad at the close of the LARP event.

Bloodsport < The Island: Title Slide; Bloodsport < The Island: Signatures exhibited along with LARP taster event on 16th December 2022 at Crucible’s Earthseed exhibition NYCJW22, Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, NYC.