International Workers’ Day; Year of the Wood Dragon

      Wednesday 1 May 2024. ꩜ Beginnings ꩜ Finally officially qualified from CCPE as a psychotherapist last Friday.

       My books are open for more clients. To get a sense of the therapy service I offer, take a look at my bio here


Waning Crescent Moon in Scorpio; Year of the Water Rabbit

Wednesday 8 November 2023.  Endings  Finished 5 years of psychotherapy training last night - at least when it comes to the taught course component of this journey. A handful of hours to accrue and one final assignment to complete and submit before I will be qualified. Just taking stock of how much my inner and outer landscape has shifted since I began my Foundation year in January 2018. Doesn’t feel like my body has registered the loss of this major holding, containing and facilitating entity in my life just yet.  

As a sort of call to levelling up as a professional in this field, I delivered a presentation & guided group activity for my friends at dreamXchange last Sunday - a session I named ‘Blind Torus’. For 3 hours, I shared my experiences working through an 8-year-old saga of encountering, jousting and romancing my own shadow through a poignant dream in 2015; how the work filtered down from the cognitive to intuitive to emotional and somative layer of my psyche; the tools I learned from CCPE along the way; with reference to various Case Studies from clinical peer-to-peer work during this final year of training in elemental magic, energy tracking and symbolic association. I concluded the session with an experimental group activity that invited participants to constellate a heart frequency torus between us - using this as a supportive mesh in which we free associated fragments of dreams together, akin to a more embodied form of social dreaming.