An audiovisual ritual that communes with the imminent symbolic collapse & content crises prophesied by AI risk forecasters in a realm of the more-than-human; of emptiness without despair; of faith in Bion’s ‘O’. 

For Gemini dark moon I was invited by Ella Wang Olsson to livestream a performance related to digital culture and internet addiction - which I undertook as a collaboration with c0bweaver.

A number of recurring symbols from a dream the previous summer had been evoked by reading Revolutionary Demonology for the first time, and I noticed how they associated and bled with a wider cosmology of images in the shared field of c0bweaver and I. I was simultaneously spooked by scaremongering AI risk forecasters prophesying a symbolic collapse and content crisis by 2024, and I wanted to seize the lunar moment to forge a new meta-language, maybe something that we’d find funny, which would still hold codified meaning in a human way. I ran the dream-synchronicity symbols through Midjourney (my first time collaborating with it as a triangulating force) and and went undercover in a DIY green suit to commune with my AI-mediated symbols - rambling a stream of consciousness and occasionally singing while c0bweaver live mixed the sonic component of the ritual.

The dream-symchronicity symbols as a PDF can be viewed here and the sonic component of the ritual can be streamed below:

Commissioned for XIE3LLA SELECTS event at SYSTEM, Shanghai, 2023. 

It feels like an unfinished encounter, a portal that has merely opened, but full moon in Gemini, 6 months of integration following the ritual, is when this virtual cthonic intervention wants to be shared with the world.